When you think of a drain clog, it’s generally not cause for concern. The problem is likely an excess of hair or other debris, and while it’s fairly disgusting, it’s probably not serious. Probably being the operative word, because if left unattended, gunk can slowly attach itself to the clog. Like a really horrible snowball, it will get larger and larger until snaking the line won’t resolve the problem.

At that point, the smart move is to contact us. Located in Temple, Texas, Fix It Services provides comprehensive plumbing services for clients in Temple, Austin, Waco, and San Antonio. With our hydrojetting services, we’ll begin perform a pipe inspection with a specialized video camera. If we determine that snaking won’t get the job done, we’ll utilize water shot through high-pressure nozzles that has the strength to break through hair, grease, roots, and other materials that can create a serious clog.

Keep in mind that hydrojetting is usually a serious measure, and one that’s used before replacing water or sewer lines. With more than 40 years of experience, we’ve seen it all and we have the judgment to determine if hydrojetting is the right approach. For more information or to schedule a free estimate, contact us online or by phone today.