Innovations in technology allow us to get more done and live our lives better. That’s just as true in the plumbing industry, particularly when it comes to camera line inspections. Back in the day, one of the biggest sources of uncertainty of homeowners and plumbers alike was confirming the nature of a problem within pipes. Unless you had exposed pipes or were okay with them being dug up, you usually wouldn’t know how bad a situation was until the damage became obvious.

Things are a little different now. Fix It Services utilizes a tiny video camera that is snaked into the plumbing system. We’ll keep an eye out for breaks in the piping, which can look like jagged holes with dirt or other debris collected around them. Plant roots can grow through the line, and viewing them on video can determine the extent of the problem and inform us if the pipe needs to be replaced or if a good cleaning will do the trick.

Since the camera line inspection process can be intensive, we usually won’t recommend it unless there’s a good reason. Once it’s done, we’ll burn the footage to a DVD that you can watch at your convenience. If you’ve already had this done through another company and you’re looking for a second opinion, we’re always happy to take a look. If you have questions, contact us online or by phone today.